We make the cool stuff

What we do

We currently do custom leatherworks, paintjobs and 3D modelling/printing. We hope to expand this soon to full props and costuming accessories.

Why us

We care about details. Everything we make is one of a kind, custom made to fit your personal needs.

Get in contact

Want to discuss a project, or get a quote?
Send an e-mail to, and we will get in touch as soon as possible.


Can you make anything?
No, not yet. Right now, we will only accept projects that involve leather, paint or 3D modelling. We hope to expand this further soon.

Do you do runs?
Yes, we do. Send us a message to see what's possible.

I need it done by [date], can you do it?
That depends on the project.

Why are there no prices shown?
Because except for our 3D printed models, all our projects are one-off, custom orders. This means no two projects are the same, or will cost the same, even if they seem similar. Send us a message to see what your project will cost.